Israel Inventive with New Security Devices

Recently I wrote that the United States should consider Israelifying its airports with regard to security measures which are much more sophisticated and logical in Israel; and way-back-when in the summer of '09 I wrote about Israel in the forefront of technological advances (yes, the Dept. of Redundancy Dept. is very active these days).

It seems that Israel has done it again, and invented a "Mind-Reading security system" developed by WeCU Technologies, Ltd.--more scientifically called an Intent Detection System--for screening passengers at airports, as well as something called MagShoe, a device which scans shoes for weapons while they are still on people's feet, developed by IDO Security.

If the U.S. would recharge its R & D in the private sector, maybe we could develop new technological devices as well, and in the process create more jobs and improve the economy.

In the meantime, we should be grateful we have an ally like Israel in the Middle East, and take advantage of her intelligence and know-how.

In addition, we should thank her accordingly, by changing our entire policy on the Middle East to reflect the truth: that Israel is our strongest ally against Islamist terrorism on our soil.


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