A Purim Demise, a Purim Reprise...boo hoo - hee hee!

My younger son (Nathaniel Blumenstein), reminded me of Purim last week when I heard he was rummaging around in his Jerusalem kitchen for his Abba's star iron, in the hope that we left it there last Purim, when we traveled to Israel for his older brother's (Mister Arnold) wedding.

You see, we had taken it with us, knowing that since we were returning way too close to Purim (two days), we would never have the time to stand over a hot deep fryer, sweating away frying our Famous Purim Stars in boiling oil.

So, clever beings we, we took our Purim Star paraphernalia with us to the Holy Land, and actually made our Purim stars at yon younger son's postage-stamp-sized apartment, in his teeny weeny alcove- er-kitchen. Actually, he made them, and did a great job of it, too. These Purim stars, deliciously crispy, made from a yummy batter of milk, flour and eggs--were the delight of our family since our Texas days, almost thirty years ago.

Well, it was Toodles (Nathaniel's sister) who had thought that we had forgotten them there, but to her (and his) chagrin, we had taken them back to galut with us. And therein lies my tail...er...tale; and the reason for the title of this post.

You see, not having any reason not to-we assumed that everything was hunky-dory and hubby made these two HUGE bowls of batter (is that why they call it 'batter up?'), and I added the eggs and mixed, mixed, mixed to get those lumpy lumps out (oompah-loompah).

And then, while the batter was settling in the fridge, just resting and waiting to participate in that delicate symphony of cold batter and hot oil to be formed into luscious Purim Stars which delighted the palate, hubby opened the drawer to take out the Purim Star Iron, and (drum roll, please): guess what we found? The iron handle had split off from where it was screwed into the iron star-shape, with the screw part still in the star. It was broken, ruined--caput!

What apparently happened was, sometime somewhere on the way back from our trip last year (who checks Purim Star Irons over the summer? Really now), it broke off and we never knew it. And we never checked. Until AFTER the batter was done. Talk about a panic attack...

So, this Purim, after years of high praise for those stars lo these many years in our present community, and with all our friends eagerly awaiting the arrival of Purim (not for the joy and mitzvot of the chag, mind you) just for our stars--we can no longer make them. HORRORS!

And I am also reprising (see title) my Purim post of two years ago, March 2007, because פשוט אין לי חשק וסבלנות (oh, heck-just look it up) to write anything this year, and in that post you can read all about our Famous Purim Stars (may they rest in pieces).

And below is my ode to our Purim stars which I composed (with hubby's editorials. I mean, he is an editor for crying out loud) for they who are no more, which we are enclosing in each mishloach (this year we only made 60. I'm gettin' old).

A Purim Spiel: The Saga of the

Famous (Anon.) Purim Stars z”l

Two score years ago but less two more,

(Anon) Purim Stars first went out the door


And did the Mitzvah of Mishloach Manot well,

In Dallas, where the (Anon) clan then did dwell.


It continued in D. to where the (Anons) moved,

To be beloved by all, the Purim Star proved!


Alas this Purim of 5769,

our Purim Star Iron is no longer online.


It made its last stand in the Holy Land

Last Purim, to the joy of the (Anonymous) clan!


But on the plane back to D. that day,

Our Star Iron snapped, nevermore to play …


(The discovery of your long demise

Lying–in–the-drawer was a big surprise)


And having already made all that batter,

Conjuring up ‘Plan B’ was no small matter!


But, dear friends, never fear - though our Iron has DIED

From the (Anons) you will still get Mishloach FRIED!


Twinkle, Twinkle Purim Star,

How I wonder where you are?


Our Purim Stars have bit the DUST, so -

This year FUNNEL CAKE y’all are gettin’ from US!

Chag Purim Sameach!!


Norma said…
We were in Jerusalem during Purim. How delightful to see all the children, and entire families, in costumes. I'd never seen it before. I am blogging about our trip.
Lady-Light said…
norma: I am so excited for you! I read your comment about your forthcoming trip and meant to answer you, but "LIFE" got in the way (it seems to be getting in the way of my blogging, in general, lately)

Was this your first trip to Israel? You must tell me all about it. How auspicious that you were there during Purim. You could see first hand how Jewish holidays glorify life, goodness, and giving to others.

I will be reading your blog soon...

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