Experimenting with Color

I would like some feedback on color. I am experimenting with a color that may not be as hard on the eyes as the green of the previous posts. Please comment on which color is easier on the eyes, but still readable and pleasant to view.
Thank you,


Miriam Liebe said…
I prefer the darker background with the white lettering. I found the other very difficult to read.
Lady-Light said…
Thank you for your comment.
The green WAS a problem (I had to wear sunglasses!)
I also think that lighter lettering is easier on the eyes, so I will try the light aqua - one of my favorite colors (!) - and see if that is feasible...
the sabra said…
use a cream or off white background, if your aiming for an eye-pleasing read.
Lady-Light said…
תודה רבה בעד העצה!
אני חושבת שרק אמשיך מה שאני עושה עכשו.
the sabra said…
bseder gamor. mah shebah lach. ani metah al haivrit shelach! tamshichi lichtov/lidaber kacha!
Lady-Light said…
Your computer is not Ivrit capable? I remember before I figured out how to use the software, I used to transliterate - as you are; my kids hated it! My youngest (in Israel) threatened to stop IMing with me if I continued, hahah.
Nu, I have to ask: are you a Tzabar or Tzabarit??? I can't keep writing "(it)" all the time!
the sabra said…
lol im a tzabarit. or, you coulda just written sabra-that works both ways.
and ya, the computer im usin these days is quite anti-semitic, seems like.
Lady-Light said…
Thanks for your answer. So, what are you doing in the States? As some of my Israeli acquaintences have been wont to say when I've asked them:
טוב לי כאן
Which is the easy answer...the truth is, it is not easy to live in Israel.
the sabra said…
ichsa, its not 'tov' in chul.
im here temporarily.
Lady-Light said…
Good for you! So am I. In essence even if we don't know it, so are the entire Jewish People!
Shabbat Shalom
(I love the "ichsa!")

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