Goal: No More Funding for the PA/Hamas Government

I am happy to hear that Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has come out up front and in addition to condemning the heinous kidnapping of the three Israeli (including one with dual American/Israeli citizenship) and calling it an atrocity against the United States as well as Israel,  he is strongly urging President Obama to direct the State Department to cut all funding to the new unity/terrorist government of the Palestinians.
"This act of terrorism should also alert the Obama Administration to the fact that working with, recognizing, and/or funding any 'unity' government that includes those that seek the destruction of the Jewish State is naive and foolish. Such legitimization of the enemies of Israel and the United States only invites more violence.  As Prime Minister Netanyahu pointed out, ‘You remember that Israel warned the international community about the dangers of endorsing the Fatah-Hamas unity pact. The dangers of that pact now should be abundantly clear to all.
 Let's see who on the Democratic side of the aisle will be as forthright.


Batya Medad said…
Does he have any influence?

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