Devastated and Grieving...

By now everyone knows: the three kidnapped boys,two aged 16 and one age 19, were found, murdered.  They were murdered because they were Jews. Does that remind you of anything? Remember the Holocaust? Remember the murders of the Jewish teacher and his children in France? How about the murders and suicide bombers of Jews in Israel. Here's a random sampling:  Sbarro Pizza and the Moment Cafe in Jerusalem, baby Shalhevet Pass murdered, shot in the head. A few of many. I haven't even mentioned the suicide bus bombings. The Cafe Hillel bombing memorial video is below. (Warning: graphic content.).

Yes, Hamas is no different than ISIS:

The murder of three teenagers should make the new Palestinian government a pariah, Israel's Intelligence Minister argues

A senior Israeli government official likened Hamas to the brutal fighters sowing chaos in Iraq on Monday and said there can be no dealing with a Palestinian government that includes the group, just hours after three Israeli teenagers believed to have been kidnapped by Hamas were found dead.

I am ending this post with a frank, correct assessment of the "partners for peace" which we DON'T have. This comment was written by someone (who shall remain nameless) on someone else's Facebook page.
"I haven't, nor will I, read all the comments. I will simply say this: they...and I don't give a damn WHO you call "they"...want. Us. DEAD. Period. They don't want "peace". They don't want a "state" (they could have had that...and they GOT Jordan (which was part of the British Mandate's Palestine)...they. Want. Us. Dead. And until you Obama-apologist, bleeding-heart, empty-headed, self-loathing morons get that, our young will continue to die.

We have negotiated. We have given "land for peace". We have signed peace agreements. And we've got nothing but dead Jews in return. Time to fight fire with fire.

They want 1000 terrorists for 1 Jew? No problem. We want the same. Take 3000 of them and blow their heads off. No prison. No exchanges. Dead. Good bye. Now, we're even. Now, we can talk. You shoot rockets at us?? Ok. We'll blow up 5 city blocks of Gaza per rocket.

"Innocent civilians"?? Not if you harbor terrorists, you're not. You suffer them to live among you; you voted Hamas in to power: you're no longer "innocent". Die, like the scum you are.

This is a war unto the death,______, And if you can't see that, I suggest you get on an airplane, go to Gaza, and try to hug one of the Palestinians you love more than your own people. Then, as you breathe your last, you can say, "but I love you". And we'll avenge you, too, one-thousand fold."

Now. I'm told that taking a human life is "reprehensible and never encouraged, unless under the strictest mitigating circumstances" and I agree. These are mitigating circumstances. When Israel has a true partner for peace, there will be peace. Until then, the gloves must come off, and we have to fight fire with fire. They want us dead. They don't want peace. If they did want peace, we'd already have peace.



Anonymous said…

if you cannot see this video, let me know, I will send it to you directly
Lady-Light said…
Anon: I've seen it. Thank you.

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