Hiatus Might Be Over..and the Dangers of Islam

Haven't posted for over a month, because of family health--mental and physical--issues.  Some are getting resolved, others are in the process.  We need tefilot and good thoughts from our friends and acquaintences, and support.  I am overwhelmed by the support we have received up to now--thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your help in getting our son over here to visit us at this trying time.  But it's not over yet. There are bills and expenses unpaid as of yet, and more of our adult children who need to visit. But that's for another post and appeal.

I miss blogging. Commenting on Facebook is not quite the same, although I love the medium for keeping in touch and interacting (even though it's in cyberspace) with my friends and acquaintences.  So I'm starting up again, even though my patience is worn thin, and somewhere deep in my brain I fight the urge that considers it utter batlanut - a total waste of time.  But so be it.

Unfortunately, I have to post my first post in over a month on a subject you are probably sick of, The Religion of Peace, Islam.  But I could not pass this video up, it is so important to our understanding of what Islam is doing, step by step, to achieve its nefarious goals of total Sharia law for the entire world today.  Watch it and shudder.  And then, we must ACT, to prevent the ultimate horror.


Batya Medad said…
I'm glad you're back. Blogging is good therapy. We're here for you!

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