Taking a Hiatus from Posting

To my loyal readers, thank you for continuing to read this blog, even if you do so only occasionally.  There is too much going on with my family now for me to have the peace of mind to write anything of substance.  I constantly read about the hatred of Europe for Israel, the rise of antisemitism world-wide, the genocide and anarchy in African countries, the terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, the upheaval in the Arab countries (so mis-named the "Arab Spring") and the recent government upheaval in Ukraine, just to mention a few world problems. And I also read about the evil perpetrated by some so-called 'religious' Jews (not to mention the evil perpetrated by non-Jews, in movie theatres and malls around the US) and I've grown weary and disheartened.

I can't concentrate enough to research anything, and I have to focus on my own family, who needs me.  Not that I can do anything.

So I probably will not be posting often. This is the first and last post of February, 2014. Tomorrow is March, and Adar II coming as well.  We will see what the new moon brings...

Shabbat shalom. 


Batya Medad said…
May Adar bring you joy, good health, smachot etc.
Lady-Light said…
Batya: Thank you so much for being one of those "loyal readers," and for your good wishes and tefilot. They are much appreciated...

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