For 2014: Depression, Reality, and Positive Thinking

I searched for this report on NPR but couldn't find it. What's the reference? This morning--at least, I think it was this morning (I had one glass of wine last night), I heard on Morning Edition (at least, I think it was on Morning Edition. Same reason as above) to which I awaken every morning-because music would send me back to sleep-a very interesting report through my sleepy stupor.  It questioned the premise that positive thinking is best for a good life. Yes, you read that right.  It questioned whether people who are 'glass half full' people really see reality.  It questioned the premise that people who tend to be depressed, are not living in the real world.
 You know how psychological gurus, preachers,Chassidic and other spiritual leaders always emphasize the positive? They tell you to 'think positively,' 'don't be negative,' or 'depression is a sin?'  The question was asked, who is in touch with reality more, sad and depressed people, or happy/positive people?

Well, it turns out that scientists discovered that people who are depressed are seeing the real world more truthfully than people who are everything-is-coming-up-roses do. That really hit a chord with me.

I read the news about natural disasters, many caused by immense climate change due to human trashing of the environment, terrorism world-wide, the rise of antisemitism globally, the vilification of Israel no matter what it does, as well as blaming it for the Arab-Israel conflict, the mass shootings of children in schools and of people in general in U.S. malls, personal problems in one's own family, etc.- how can one not be depressed?

Then there are those people whose chemical makeup is different; they look at everything as if it is all for the good; that it's from a "Higher Power", and thus meant to be.  That we have no control over these events in the world, just over ourselves, and we need to act accordingly to better it, at least, our little corner of it.  I wish I could be like that.  But I'm not.  My makeup is different.  I see the evil, the rot, the pain in the micro and macro, and I feel as if the world is heading for the end. That's it.

True, the report did say that happy-go-lucky people, when faced with an important decision, a serious choice to make, do okay if they step out of their la-la land and face reality for the time it takes for them to make the correct decision, whether it be about a partner in life, a job, a business venture--whatever.  If they face reality, e.g., their personal abilities, for that period of time, then they can make the right choice.  But what struck me was that for the most part, it is the depressed people who are seeing the world the way it really is. It reminds me of the movie The Matrix, which depicted exactly that: human beings were living in a fake reality. The real world (which they were prevented from seeing) was that they were not in control at all, and were subjects of an evil force.

I used to blog about goodness, and being positive, and the importance of faith--as well as about the bad stuff going on in the world.  I'm at the point where the bad stuff has overshadowed everything. Here's only one small example: Kerry going back to the Middle East to get Israel to make ridiculous concessions and 'stop the settlements' and other garbage to advance the 'peace talks' while the Arabs continue lobbing rockets into Israel and their snipers continue murdering people and their radical youth continue hurling death-rocks at Israelis in their cars and their manifesto still does not recognize Israel as a Jewish State and their pre-schoolers are being educated to murder Jews and be martyrs?

Wait, I got another one: how about we Jews? What is it about those so-called Ultra-Ortrhodox (Hareidim) who sexually abuse boys in their classes or whom they mentor, who defraud the government, or who verbally, emotionally, mentally and even physically attack women and girls for not being 'modest' enough to their standards? I'm not allowed to say anything negative about us, am I? In case you are not aware, the title of this group, "Hareidim," means "G-d fearing." Now, many say it's only a small group of radicals (I guess Islamists aren't' the only crazies. The difference is, our radicals target our own). But the Hareidi leaders look the other way. Nobody wants to get out there and publicly condemn the actions perpetrated by the fanatic element among them.

Folks, something has gone very, very wrong.  It's insanity on wheels.We're on the slippery slope to oblivion.

And I think that in this light, "mitzvah gedola le-hiyot be-simcha" type people are living in a fake world.  And those who grovel at the feet of the Diversity god (read: all cultures being equal; see Arab murderers, above), should listen once in a while to Pat Condell. Happy 2014.

*mitzvah gedolah le-hiyot be-simcha: 'it's a great commandment/good deed to be happy [at all times].'


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