Breaking Down Barriers

My last post was definitely Pat Condell overload. I needed to get the venom out of my system, and he expressed it beautifully.

Tonight I am in a different mood, more loving, wanting to connect with people--and thanks to my friend K.S. on Facebook (and real life), I found this: a photographer bringing complete strangers in close proximity, as if they've known each other for years.  And because of this closeness and touching, something changes; a barrier is breached, a connection is made.  Maybe this is what humanity needs, to not be afraid to touch another human being, to connect with them. Maybe, just maybe, many of the problems we have today--alienated, angry people who hate--are due to lack of connecting emotionally, lack of love; creating a macro-sized attachment disorder.  Take a look; it was posted on UpWorthy.


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