Long Time No Post...World Going to H. in a HandBasket

This is my first post in the month of December. I haven't had the energy to sit down, research stories which interest me, and write. I've also not been in the best of moods. Too much stress, personal, and global.

Besides, everybody else wrote about the incredible snowstorm-of-the-century and thunderstorms in Israel, so there is nothing I could write that's new; except for how my daughter in Tel Aviv wheeled herself to the mirpa'ah over a kilometer away from her apartment in freezing pouring rain in a hailstorm, over many inaccessible sidewalks and broken 'wheelchair ramps,' covered almost head to toe (thank G-d-because without, she could not have done it) in the excellent raingear she bought at REI here in Denver when she last visited-how smart! Why was she wheeling herself in her wheelchair in dangerous weather? Because she couldn't afford a taxi.

In other matters, our 'partners for peace' children play 'Behead the Enemy' games (hat tip Atlas Shrugs),

...Meanwhile, Iran continues to deny the Holocaust, (thank you, Memri, for attempting to inform the rest of the world; who still doesn't care.)...

...And Syria is murdering its own citizens including women and children, and creates a refugee outflow which is unprecedented...

...And children-13 years old-are fighting for the Rebels against the Syrian government.  One side is no better than the next.

...And the great peacemaker Kerry is returning to the Middle East (as I read on NBC, to "Israel and Palestine." As if 'Palestine' is already a recognized country...)

...And the American Studies Association joins the Boycott Israel movement...truly idiotic. At least some senators want to hit those universities complying with the ASA where it hurts: in their pocketbook.

...And the whole world is up in arms against Israel building "settlements," in "East Jerusalem." That, of course, being the obstacle to peace, right?

But so-called 'East Jerusalem' was Jewish. Until 1948, when that part of the city was captured by Jordan until 1967, when the Jews won it back after the 6 Day War.  CAMERA gives us a little history to set the record straight.

It's enough. I'm burnt out. Going to bed and watch an episode of "Hoarders" on Netflix. At least, I'll feel good about my house.

Lailah tov.


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