My Rant: The World Going to Hell in a HandBasket

 Too many terrible, terrible happenings, some new, some old. Not in any particular order, a huge prisoner release by Israel of Palestinians (read: Arabs who calls themselves Palestinians in order to gain world sympathy, when they were just plain "Arabs" before they lost the 6-day war in 1967), also here--who murdered men, women and children in cold blood, in order to further "peace talks;"  Also hereA 19 year old youngster asleep on a bus is stabbed to death by a 16 year old Arab from Jenin illegally in Israel. The left-leaning, liberal Judiciary in Israel ruling against Palestinian Media Watch founder's testimony, effectively acting as appeasing the Arabs. Women on some buses harassed and sometimes attacked physically because they are sitting in the front of the bus instead of the back.  Jewish "modesty police" forcing people to comply with their interpretation of halachic rulings. Child molester "Rabbis" who also masquerade as child psychologists, etc. Here is a site ostensibly run by the Ultra-Orthodox themselves, alerting the Ultra-Orthodox public to the deprivations within the community by the psychologically and socially deranged in their midst. At least, that's a good thing.  I mean, what are we? The Catholic Church?

I could go on, but I'm getting sick. 

How can anyone say that everyone should 'make aliyah' after reading something like this?! It is no safer in Israel than in the U.S.; and I don't see 'Hashem watching over us' any more than any other people. People are shot in American malls and schools by lone, deranged shooters, or at marathons by home-grown jihadists; Israeli women are sexually harassed in buses by Ultra-Orthodox Jews and Arabs alike, and young men are stabbed to death by Arab teenaged terrorists. And 6,000,000 Jews were murdered through genocide by the Nazis, while the world looked away and did not allow rickety boats loaded with Jewish refugees to land on their shores. If it hadn't been that we were bombed by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, I doubt the United States would have put itself out to rescue the persecuted Jews, who had literally--before the State of Israel--NO place to go. 

We are living a delusion, and it's time we woke up: the Jews who really seem to be the living embodiment of  "Jewish values" are mainly the traditional, Modern-Orthodox (as opposed to Ultra-Religious) and secular Jewish activists: those in, for example, organizations such as the JDC (see previous post) which support humanitarian efforts globally, and those who are highly educated and do medical and scientific research, resulting in inventions that benefit mankind, such as video capsule endoscopy, "the world's first solar window," and a baby sensor to help prevent crib deaths, to name just a few. 

I think many of us are not facing reality. I am so livid and almost full of despair at everything that is happening - it doesn't look as if Hashem is running the show-it looks as if we are.  And we'd better acknowledge this and shape up.  Before we all go down together...

Thank you.


Anonymous said…
You are sooo right. On a personal note, I just got evicted by a 23 y/o jewish woman, because I am not allowed "to make noise", or as I call it; "live" in my apartment, because her husband has to wake up early. By the way, I hear is LOUD alarm clock every morning at 4:50 am. Anyway, this country is as weird as any other.
Lady-Light said…
Anon: And that's the problem; because our Holy Land is supposed to be better than other countries. We have a ways to go, as they say...

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