Checking in Before Shabbat, with Good News...

 ...Otherwise, I would devolve (in the obsolete sense of the word) into internal rage or curl up and die, neither of which are good options in my book.  So instead I am focusing on the positive, the exciting, the humanitarian and useful to benefit mankind: the future.  Get ready for the good stuff:

Israel has been in the global forefront of innovative technology and useful medical inventions, as I wrote about here and here, among other posts. In a recent previous post I linked to this site, which lists Israel's top 45 inventions. So I'm going to mention here a few relatively new terrific ideas, invented by Jews in Israel, which will go a long way in improving life for man on Earth.  Here we go:

Have you heard about the 'next gen' method of stitching up surgery patients? It's here, invented by (drumroll, please) Jews-you've heard of 'em-in Israel.  It's called Biowelding, invented by a former Hovesh (medic) in the Israeli army. Biowelding, utilizing cold plasma, replaces sutures and also the newer staples and glue for stitching up patient incisions.  Read the entire article linked above; excerpts below.
Plasma is a gas in which a certain proportion of the particles are ionized. It has been shown to offer manifold benefits including tissue welding, control of bleeding, enhancement of tissue repair, disinfection and destruction of cancer cells. However, plasma has enjoyed a limited role in surgery due to the high temperatures it creates and resulting harmful effects on body tissue. IonMed’s scientists found a way to make use of cold plasma as the power behind the BioWeld1.
 “No one has done this before — and more than that, the platform of cold plasma is a technology that is not available in medicine yet,” says Ronen Lam, IonMed’s co-founder and vice president for business development. “We will probably be the first,” he tells ISRAEL21c.

BioWeld1 is the brainchild of Ronen’s brother, Amnon, who led development projects at Tower Semiconductor in northern Israel and at Intel’s Israeli research center. Prior to that, he’d been a medic in the military.

Solar windows! Who woulda thunk it?  Israel's entrepreneur inventors have developed a way to make solar panels as part of windows built into houses, making "solar energy part of building design." It is done by buildling in photovoltaic cells into a double-paned window.  Watch below.

How about freezing tumors? Whose idea?  Israeli company IceCure, that's who. And after work with breast cancer tumors, they are researching their freezing technique with lung cancer.

Now, because it's erev Shabbat, we have to end today's little sojourn into Jewish Israeli goodness with a short video on brain research. Watch it. It will make you smarter...

 Do you like camels? You don't like camels? Either way, go to NO Camels, to find out everything you wanted to know about Israeli technology but were afraid to ask.  Much of the stuff on this post is from their site.

I want to end with a famous quote by a great philosopher, also Jewish.  You should incorporate this message into your daily lives, 'cause it'll make you happier.  Shabbat shalom.
  “Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.”
Groucho Marx

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