Arik Einstein, Israel's Great Musician, Passes Away

I am sitting here crying...Arik Einstein, the legendary Israeli musician, passed away tonight, Tuesday, November 26th, 23 Kislev, at Sourasky Medical Center in Tel Aviv, from a ruptured aneurysm. I am still in shock. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said this about him, emphasis mine:
“Arik was the greatest of them all,” Netanyahu said. “We all grew up on his songs. You said, ‘Arik Einstein,’ and you said, ‘the Land of Israel.’ He was a wonderful singer and a wonderful person.”
You said, 'Arik Einstein,' and you said 'the Land of Israel.' There are no words. May his memory be for a blessing...

This song was written by Aviv Gefen in memory of a friend who was killed, intended for Arik Einstein to sing. It is now his own goodbye...


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