We Need to 'Cut Out the Evil from Within Us'

Two stories which disgusted me, but we can't hide our heads in the sand (that would be too much like the Catholic church did before the stories of the pedophile priests were revealed), the story must be told.  It is the only way we have a chance at elevating ourselves to be the true "light unto the nations" we are supposed to be.  Excerpts below, first here, and then here.

Bnei Brak man suspected of raping young boys in haredi town of Modi'in Ilit


Police say father of one victim came forward after meeting with rabbi to ask if he should go to police.

modiin ilit
modiin ilit Photo: Tovah Lazaroff
Modi’in Illit Police have arrested a 20-year-old resident of Bnei Brak suspected of involvement in attacks on several victims, including a sexual assault on a nine-year-old boy.
Police noted that the victim’s father went to his rabbi and asked whether or not he should notify authorities of the alleged abuse. The rabbi told the man to go to police immediately, and he filed the complaint on Tuesday...
 The one positive aspect of this is that the man's Rabbi told him to go to the police immediately.  If, G-d forbid, it had been my story, I would have gone directly to the police.  This is *pikuach nefesh.  You don't go to an intermediary first.

Head of polygamous Jerusalem cult sentenced to 26 years for abusing women, children


Defendant perpetrated a “cruel regime of punishment, which he had dubbed ‘the laws.’”

Handcuffed Photo: Reuters/Benoit Tessier
The Jerusalem District Court on Thursday sentenced a local resident to 26 years in prison after he was convicted of imprisoning and physically and sexually abusing women and children.
The ruling brings to an end a case of what police and social workers have called the worst abuse of its kind in decades...
I've wondered about those *Na Nach Nachman guys.  They always look as if they're on something...

*pikuach nefesh: saving a life
*Na Nach Nachman: the people who dance in the streets near their Nachman-van and say they are supposedly Breslov Chassidic, following the teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov


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