Dror Yikra: The Maccabeats Do it Again

I had been thinking about posting since October 4th, about so many different things--the U.S. government-closed for business, and the consequently dropping value of the dollar vis a vis the NIS (New Israeli Shekel), Israel's new medical inventions (artificial cartilage-see next post), etc.

But I haven't felt up to par this week (was sick last Shabbat, and it dragged on), so instead I'm posting the next Maccabeat video, of--what else?--the Cup Song!

Great beat, lyrics fit--our new zemer* for Shabbat afternoon zmirot?...don't know if it's as good as singing Dror Yikra to The Sloop John B, but--learn the harmony, we'll sing it together!

Here is a so-so rendition of Dror Yikra to 'Sloop John B,' without the harmony; but you can figure it out (my kids and I do it much better...).

Shabbat shalom.

*zemer: liturgical poems, religious songs and psalms traditionally sung Friday night and Shabbat afternoons
*zmirot: plural of "zemer."


Batya said…
Perfect for Friday Erev Shabbat, thanks.

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