Energy Independence for Israel in this Jewish New Year 5774

Finally, here is something worth writing about for the Jewish New Year, which has just begun with Rosh Hashana this past Thursday and Friday.  On the occasion of the 4th of the Hebrew month of Tishrei, there is a very good chance that Israel might be on the way to energy independence, through the gas and oil discoveries in the Tamar and Leviatan fields in the Mediterranean.

What impact will this have on Israel's economy, on its current dependance on the U.S. and other countries for oil? On its relations with its volatile neighbors the Arabs, in 'neutral' countries (relatively speaking, as far as its Arab neighbors go) such as Jordan?  Or Egypt? Or the "Palestinians?"

This is a door opening to a positive, exciting future. Here is my wish for the New Year: may Israel achieve energy independence and economic wealth, eliminate poverty among its citizens, and may this discovery help promote true peace with its neighbors in the Middle East.


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