The False Peace Process

This is a continuation of the previous post.  Gosh, I keep seeing my statements in other articles, my words and views repeated time and time again.  I talk about an Israeli identity crisis, I talk about the Jewish still-existing "ghetto mentality," the impossibility of a two-state solution, the fact that the Arabs don't really give a damn about having a state of their own--and there are all sorts of articles reiterating my points.  It's amazing.  No, I'm not copying theirs.  Look in the archives of this blog, which I started in 2006.

Here's another one, on the American disgust with the farce that is called the 'peace process' and the Israeli release of murderers.

American Jews Protest Release of Terrorists and Start of False Talks

Buddy Macy - Israeli Consulate Press Conference/Protest Rally Speech,  July 30th, 2013
Yesterday I received an email from a fellow activist, in which he argued that releasing thugs and murderers was the least harmful concession that Israel could have made…that the major threat to Israel is Iran's race for a nuclear weapon, and that Netanyahu could not take the chance of losing American support. The activist argued further that Netanyahu needs to make it crystal clear that if the talks fail, and, most assuredly, they will, it was not for lack of trying on Israel's part, and that his decision to release the convicted murderous monsters needs to be viewed through that lens.
From a political standpoint, it might appear that Prime Minister Netanyahu’s decision is understandable. However, isn't it time to speak the truth to our own people, to America and the world? Isn't it time to declare that Judea & Samaria, the Biblical heartland, is ours forever? Why should the world stand with us if we permit our worth as human beings to be reduced by our own leaders, and if we are so willing to give away that which legally, morally and Biblically belongs to us? If we do not stand up for ourselves, why should any one else?
We must learn from our enemies. Those promoting the hatred of Jews – especially, Mahmoud Abbas – stand behind their beliefs even though they are based on unadulterated lies! Yet, as a result of their passion and focus and repetition, they have gained the support of nearly the entire world. As it stands today, Israel is no match for that intensity of conviction, even with truth and good on her side!
From a practical standpoint, also, isn't it time that we stopped agreeing to and implementing the least harmful concessions, and, rather, stood up for what we believe? It is more than clear that the only thing concessions have produced over the past three generations, are more concessions. They never end. In reality, after all of the murder and destruction the Arabs have perpetrated against the Jews since well before the establishment of the modern State of Israel, they should be crawling to Netanyahu and offering him apologies and concessions for the privilege of even being acknowledged by Israel. The world is completely upside down.
What the Jewish State desperately needs is a strong Israeli – a proud, unapologetic Jew – to speak and act the truth. Until Israel has such a leader, she will find herself in the same situation time and time again, making unbearably painful concessions to those, whose one and only goal, is her destruction.
To you, my fellow Jews in America who have been blessed with the opportunity to have your voice heard around the world:

We, in America, are also desperately seeking true leadership from one of our own who sits in a position of esteemed leadership. I am positive that at least one of you agrees with me that the release of 104 Arab-”Palestinian” convicted murderers is an obscenity that reduces the worth of every Jew in the world. I am also certain that at least one of you thinks that the idea of a two-state “solution” – at least at this time – is pure fantasy. Please, I beg of you, speak out publicly before all of Israel's sovereignty has disappeared, and before all of us have been placed in grave danger.
 It's a sick, sick joke.  The question is, the joke is on...whom...?


Norma said…
I'm not Jewish, but over the years even I've seen the foolishness of the peace talks and 2 state solution, so I'm not surprised if similar ideas crop up in the writings of intelligent, informed people.
Lady-Light said…
Norma: I apologize for not responding sooner. This was my only post in August, due to family visiting and other issues, so I never checked my post for comments (nor did I check my email for comment notifications). Yes, it is foolishness. Why intelligent people come up with these ideas, I haven't a clue. Not understanding the facts on the ground? Wishful thinking? More likely both.

Who knows? Maybe some, intelligent or informed, don't want to see Israel (read: "the Jews") as a successful nation with legitimate needs and rights.

They prefer to see Jews as weak or down-trodden, with a ghetto-mentality-not strong.

Thank you for being one intelligent, informed non-Jew who sees that until the Palestinians change their charter to recognize and accept the Jewish state--at the very least--a peace solution is not possible.

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