The Decline of Civilization

The world is going in the wrong direction.  The source of terror is not named and thus tolerated, for if you are afraid to name your enemy, the enemy will win. The ridiculous one-sided so-called "peace process" and the "two-state solution" idiocy are another example.  Israel is supposed to show good faith by certain measures--stopping settlements, releasing 104 long-time Islamist prisoners guilty of murder of civilians including women, children--sometimes almost entire families--but the Arabs are not required to show their good faith by, say, even beginning by accepting the fact of the existence and permanence of the Jewish state.
 To read the Washington newspapers this week, which are representative, Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are meeting under the auspices of the American government to make Palestine. The Palestinians and Secretary of State John Kerry allowed it to be known that the Israelis were asked/pushed/threatened to provide a prisoner release, a settlement freeze, and a commitment to begin negotiations on the 1949 Armistice Line (the so-called 1967 border). The Palestinians were asked to provide… well, nothing, actually because that's not the issue.

If the world bends over backwards to appease the perpetrators of lies, murder, Jewish hatred, hatred of free speech, with no one having the gumption to stand up against them and thus for truth, our civilization is doomed.

The Jewish people, too, are in crisis, and I hope to G-d that we are not going in the wrong direction, down that slippery slope.  When Haredi men (the so-called ultra-Orthodox, although I don't consider them religious in the least) verbally and sometimes physically abuse women on buses and demand that they move to the back of the bus, and then smash the windows of those buses and throw stones at them (as well as at people), and no Haredi rabbi has the courage to sign a petition condemning these violent fanatics--I consider the Jewish people in crisis mode; afraid to name your enemy? The enemy wins.  Afraid to stand up for values and what is right? The enemy wins.

I'm fed up.  I can't take the political correctness: the fear of stating that more blacks are perpetrators of crime than whites, the fear of profiling in TSA security checks, the statements by our presidents that 'we are not at war with Islam' (sorry-I don't have any patience to document; these are so old that it's all over the Web.  Google these yourself).

Here are some videos which give me hope. These indicate that there are people in this world who care about truth, facts, and don't give a damn about political correctness. Take the time to watch them (get yourself a big mug of coffee-one of them is over an hour long, but worth every minute).  I would really, really like to believe that the world isn't least not yet...

Hat tip Daled Amos:

As seen on UCI, Dr. Martin Sherman on the folly of creating a Palestinian state:


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