My Alma Mater, and an Israeli Star

A college-preparatory Modern Orthodox Jewish Day School, I was a student in Yeshivat Ramaz for twelve long years...for a while, it seemed as if they'd never end.  Academically rigorous, Jewishly valuing Torah and tradition, but approaching it intelligently, with recognition of the state of Israel as the cause of the revival of Jewish culture, living religion and the renewal of Hebrew, after being dormant for a thousand years, into the living, vital, spoken language of the Jewish people.  Below, in the second video, is a little tribute to my school, composed and sung by "Israeli pop sensation" and teacher at Ramaz for 3 years, Hananel Edri.

First, a little bit about him...

 And here is the tribute to Ramaz.


You can hear how mellow his voice is in a video of him singing a Hebrew lullaby, Shir Eres, below.

So does this mean I'm going to my class'--Ramaz Class of '64--50th reunion?  I'm still in shock at the number.  Maybe.


Batya said…
yes, he does seem talented
too bad he's not in Israel

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