How Dare the World Question Israel's Legitimacy? What About, Say, Jordan's?!

Israel for some reason (we savants know why) is being dissed and dismissed by the entire world.  No other country's legitimacy is ever questioned.

Well, do you have any idea how Jordan came into being? Not by immigrants who traveled under terrible and dangerous conditions, to get to the land of their forefathers, a land which was underpopulated and a wasteland in the 1800s and 1900s during its time as part of the Ottoman Empire, with some areas barren desert and other areas malaria-riddled swamps.  These immigrants toiled night and day exhaustively to drain the swamps and till the land and make the desert bloom.

They re-created with their own blood, sweat and tears--and G-d's help--because the re-creation of the State of Israel is nothing less than a miracle--a civilized, thriving, rich land where the idea was that their people--the most maligned people in the world, victims of racism and hatred and expelled from many countries--could hopefully in the future live in peace and harmony, and escape the rampant antisemitism of most of the rest of the world.  But because Israel is surrounded by authoritarian, primitive barbarians (yes, Islamists) who want to annihilate her, that peaceful living hasn't totally happened yet...

So how did Jordan come into being? By Britain reneging on the original plan to grant the area now called "Jordan," on the East Bank of the Jordan river to the Jews as part of the Jewish homeland.  Jordan was Palestine.  Excerpted below:

But instead, it was granted by the British to the Hashemite kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so that they (the British) could gain influence with the Arabs.  Now, it, too, is starting to succumb to the so-called "Arab Spring."  More like Arab Winter: the Arab decline...

The true legitimate country, is Israel.  And has been, for thousands of years.  Shiloh Musings writes about it right here, with such an apt title: Jordan, a Fake Country. 

Whose legitimacy is in question now?

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