To The Mountains

Taking a day trip on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend to our favorite place: Estes Park, and Rocky Mountain National Park, planning on driving up Trail Ridge Road which just opened for the season on Friday (yesterday).  It is the highest continuous paved road in the United States, and it climbs to over 12,000 ft.

We sort of have a tradition in the 29 years we've lived here, although we don't do it every year: going up Trail Ridge right after it opens, to get the thrill of driving up a road with 5 ft. high snowbanks on either side.  You sense the power of winter in this area, which, at above altitude of 11,000 ft.  is actually Tundra.  I can't imagine what it takes to clear the road.  Those long poles you see are markers to indicate where the road actually is.                                    

We have lots of leftover food from Shabbat (today's lunch), including roast chicken pieces, quinoa salad, veggies and dip and cholent--so I guess we're going to be fleishig (meat-eating).
We'll take our cameras, a cooler with food and some drinks, and be on our way. 

Our kids--especially our sons--would love to be here going up with us; missing them--all the kids, a lot right now...

Going to miss this place when we leave...


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