Simple Pleasures

Shabbat was very quiet.  A good quiet.  I did not have the energy to go to shul, so I just relaxed at home.  I sat outside in our still-in-progress patio, under our pretty (-and tearing) striped umbrella, and had a hot cup of coffee on our glass round umbrella table.  I listened to the breeze rustling the leaves of the tree next door, in the adjoining patio.  I watched the clouds slowly roll by in the azure blue sky.  I watched our herbs grow.  Really. Could see them inching up...almost...
That is a simple pleasure. Just sitting, drinking coffee, watching the clouds, and the herbs. Just appreciating being alive.


"Just appreciating being alive." A few simple words, an incredibly profound reminder to us all.
Feel better!
From your fellow but not nearly so articulate blogger,
Lady-Light said…
Rebecca, How are you doing? I am so glad you visited my blog! Have been meaning to call you...when I get over getting sick, I will (bli neder). Love to your entire family. I still remember Dini at 4 years old, saying "I'm tired, want to go to sleep!"

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