Searching for the Root of RSD

As many of you, dear readers, know--my youngest child, my daughter of 24 years, developed RSD/CRPS in her 22nd year, from an accident.  She was hit by a car in her left knee as a pedestrian, crossing the lane at her security guard job.  The accident itself was minor, thank G-d, but instead of healing she became worse and worse.  First, she developed RSD ( we had never heard the term before and knew nothing about it) in her left leg, where the original injury had occured.  Later it spread to her right leg, and as a result she is now in a wheelchair.  At twenty-four.

Although there is research being done to determine the causes of RSD, also called today CRPS: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, the definitive causes are yet unknown, and to date, there is no known cure.

My daughter has a blog, My Personal Battle with RSD, which she began as a therapeutic tool to channel the despair and frustration she felt since developing this condition.  Although she is still physically the same, emotionally, she has come a long way from her initial severe depression she felt in her first year of the condition.

How is all this relevant to "comfort," this month's NaBloPoMo theme? Here's how:  I am taking comfort in the fact that my daughter, although not doing any therapy at this time, intends to restart therapy in the future (when she gets the results of her disability appeal and has the financial means to pay for it), and she has faced her new situation--which turned her life upside down--with maturity, intelligence and fortitude.

Here is an informative article on RSD, a kind of overview--which my daughter posted to her blog.  If any of the readers of this blog have any knowledge of or expertise in treating this terrible condition, please comment and make suggestions, all are welcome.

The following is the opening paragraph of the article by Jennifer Hamilton, posted on my daughter's blog.  Read the rest here.
Getting to the Root of RSD

Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) can affect both men and women and people of varied ages, from young children through to seniors. Like various medical conditions, the cause of RSD is not exactly clear and there may be a number of factors that contribute to its development. For some people struck down with it, there seems a logical explanation, but for others the cause for them appears a mystery. Here we take a look at some of the factors thought to contribute to the condition:


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