A Quiet Shabbat

For the first time in a long time, I will be "alone" for Shabbat.  My D.H. is off with the Boy Scouts on a camping trip in the cold, cold, snowy North of Colorado.  The location was almost cancelled because of the amount of snow, but apparently it eased up and was rescheduled at the original location. 

This will be the first time he's gone camping, relatively "roughing it," with anyone, let alone the Boy Scouts, in over nine years.  We've both gotten a little older since then, and somewhat more decrepit.  It goes with the territory, as they say.  So this will be a very, very interesting awakening-er-trip, for my D.H.  We Skyped today, and he actually said to me that 'he's too old for his -20 degree 2 person tent, you know-the kind you have to crawl into.  I (almost) could not believe my ears.  He actually said that.  And he continued on, saying that maybe my idea that I've expressed for a very long time now, of acquiring a tent with a 6-foot center so that we could stand in it, and a door that you don't have to bend down to your toes to enter, was not such a bad idea.  Imagine that.

So back to my Shabbat.  I am going to one friend for the first Seudah tonight, and another for the 2nd tomorrow afternoon.  Made a yummy green salad for friend #1 and brought grape juice for friend #2.  And then, I come home to peace and quiet.  I can read without interruption, the house is clean, some of the laundry is done (oh well; too much going on.  Didn't manage to do it all), and best of all:  I bought myself half an apple pie to have with coffee Shabbat morning, before shul.

It's the little things that give you...comfort.  Shabbat shalom.


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