Holocaust Remembrance Day: "Remembrance of the Bravery"

Did you know that in Hebrew, Holocaust Remembrance Day is called "Day of Remembrance of the Holocaust and the Heroism?"  In transliteration it is: Yom Zikaron HaShoah ve-HaGevurah.

We Jews are the only people who have constantly, in every generation through the centuries been vilified, persecuted, murdered, and victims of genocide--and for whom the world has done very little to nothing--basically looked the other way.  The United States did not allow Jewish refugees desperately trying to escape Nazified Europe on rickety ships to enter the country. Britain didn't allow Jews who tried to escape their future murderers by entering the ancient land of their people, then still called Palestine (an insulting name given it by the Romans after their conquest of Judea).  These aforementioned refugees were sent back into hell and returned to be murdered.

That is why we have a State of Israel.  Because Nazism and anti-Semitism aren't dead, and they aren't even dormant: they are alive and well, festering again in a global community who could not care less and which even sometimes seems to be waiting for the next attempt to annihilate the Jews.

Why? Why do you hate us? Why are you always attacking us?

What did we ever do to you? Did we vilify you? Did we rob you? Did we strip you of your titles and degrees and take away your livelihood? Did we force you to wear yellow crosses or crescents on your clothing? Did we steal your children from their families and force them into military service?  Did we murder them?

When you see three Hasidic Jews in Hasidic garb walking together down the street, does a great fear grow inside you and cause you to cross the street to get away from their imminent attack? How often has that attack happened? I'll tell you: never.  It's that other group you're afraid of.  Not the Jews.  In fact, you know Jews 'don't fight back,' right? Which is exactly why you attack us.  Why the bully harasses the victim.  For that's what you are: bullies.

And why do bullies attack? There is a psychological reason behind it: they themselves are  subconsciously afraid. They themselves subconsciously feel inadequate. They are jealous, yes jealous--of the intelligence, high civilization and humanity of the Jewish People.  Deep down, they sense that they, the bullies--are barbarians, compared to the Jews.       

We are now in the 21st Century.  Holocaust survivors are dying out.  Antisemitism is again rearing it's monstrous head.  But there is one difference between then, and now: now, we will no longer go quietly to the slaughter.  We have an army. A Jewish army.  And we will fight back.

Here is one survivor's story

Never Again.


Yocheved Golani said…
politicians or anyone tell Israel's Jews to give up land, watch this to know what they really want http://www.aish.com/ho/video/Shoah_A_Short_Film.html

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