Beyond Incredible: Login to Mistranslations (Trucks Fit, however)

Thanks to Jacob Richman and his "Lost in Translation" page, here is a sampling of a medley of funny, goofy, and hysterical mistranslations of signs in Israel. And I thought this happened only in China...
(for the actual meaning in Hebrew, go to Jacob Richman's site. For this blog, ha-mayvin, yavin...)

                                 Now you don't even have to drive to work; just login.

                                          This is so accessible, it's beyond disabled.

                    (Read #4 and #5 in the English.  Light on the pineapple, heavy on the...liver)              

                     Remember, only decrease in a closed, not open, sea.  In an open sea, however,
                       there is much more room to, increase. Whatever.

                                                 Yes, children are...golden.  Right?

                                       I just don't know where to begin on this one...

                               I guess this elevator needs an elevator. 'Cause it's disabled.

                      Now this explains the bad traffic in Israel: the trucks are all trying to fit.
If you think that was cool, check out Jacob Richman's Home Page--which is really cool.


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