The Truth About Yair Lapid: An Empty Celebrity

My son did not vote for him, but when he read Yair Lapid's (of Yesh Atid) platform, he thought it sounded reasonable.
'There is a future'
The Hebrew Yesh Atid means 'There is a future.' The party's platform is decidedly domestic: Reforming government, seeking affordable housing, improving a "failing" education system, and the biggest hot-button issue, putting an end to the exemption from mandatory military service for ultra-Orthodox Jews who have traditionally been legally allowed to avoid military service in order pursue religious study.
 I agree with much of this as well.  Housing in Israel is out of sight: I don't know how the average Israeli can afford to live comfortably--not excessively, but comfortably. I agree that most Hareidi young men should be required to serve in the Israeli army, but that only the most learned, or geniuses--iluim, if you will, can have that exemption to learn Torah.  I think there's a need for that as well.

But who is the man Yair Lapid? Jameel at The Muqata tells us all.  He sounds a little like Obama, with 'hope' and 'change.'  I didn't vote for him, and I personally, after reading the following, wouldn't vote for Lapid either.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Critical Analysis: Who is Yair Lapid?

Even though I wrote this below, I believed it deserved it's own post.

1. Yair Lapid is already predicting he will be Israel's next prime minister.  Unfortunately, he never finished high school, or completed his baguryot (high-school matriculation exams) or went to college. However, as a media personality he got into Bar Ilan's accelerated doctorate program -- which is supposed to only be for those who finished an undergraduate degree with honors...he was eventually thrown out of the program for not meeting the admission requirements.  Granted there are many autodidacts who lack academic accreditation and attain success in business or academics or education; Lapid isn't one of them (keep reading).

2. Lapid used his personal YNET column to childishly insult and viciously lambast an awarded, outstanding IDF soldier, and used illegally obtained private and classified IDF information against the soldier.  When sued in court, Lapid lost.  Not exactly the moral and ethical beacon for Israel.

3. Lapid is pretentious yet grossly ignorant at the same time.  While he may come across as a dynamic media personality, when he puts pen to paper, his lack of intelligence shines through.  Let's take an article he penned about Israel, "Israel Democracy Institute says 81 percent of the public wants a constitution; not me."  

Lapid explains why the US Constitution is work of art -- because it was penned by a single author [sic], John Adams[sic], as opposed to a committee [sic]  -- which is the way Israel is attempting to create one.  
Israel's proposed constitution by consensus is an erudite text, maybe overly so. It lacks the emotional depth of the US constitution, not to mention the moral courage of the “Founding Fathers” to deal with controversial issues. It could be that the different way in which the two constitutions were written influenced their content.

One very inspired man, John Adams, wrote the US constitution. The Israeli proposal by consensus, with all due respect to Meir Shamgar, the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, was written by a committee.
It would have helped had Lapid has the time, energy or acumen to at least read the Wikipedia article on the US Constitution to know that it WAS written by committee, not one man, and certainly not John Adams who wasn't even on the committee or in the US at the time, he was in London. If you think that's embarrassing, its only the tip of iceberg.

Here's a short video (in Hebrew) with a whole slew of intellectual gaffs by Lapid which appears to show a pattern of attempts to drop names and facts which aren't that factual or connected.

4. Since entering politics a year ago, Yair Lapid tries to portray himself  in the political center, however he has always been far to the left.  Before entering into politics, he spoke his true colors to Germany's Der Spiegel:
Yair Lapid: The greatest tragedy of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is that everyone knows how it will end. We will divide up the region. Israel will return most of the West Bank, and the Palestinian flag will fly on public buildings in East Jerusalem. The only unanswered question is how many more people will have to die along the way. And so we will fight against the extremists on both sides, including our extremists, the settlers. When you look at the history of wars, they ultimately revolve around one claim: "My god is better than yours."
It's clear that Lapid is intent on splitting Jerusalem, something Dov Lipman adamantly denies.  He hates settlers and is intent on ensuring we all know who the "extremists" are.  Lipman has gone on record saying that he's in favor of keeping settlement blocs -- as an FYI, this means Hebron will be of Israeli control (and it also makes you an extremist to expect the Cave of the Patriarchs will remain under Israeli control).

5. While Dov Lipman claims that the "real" Jewish Home is his own "Yesh Atid" party, Yair Lapid's Jewish Home is a Reform Temple in Tel-Aviv. I have no issue with Lapid's connection to the Reform movement in Israel, or even providing them with funding which they deserve. I am concerned that the lowest common denominator of Judaism in Israel will be changed (religious status quo of halachic Jewishness), which will fracture the Jewish people in Israel, prevent marriages, and will result in far more disunity than unity.

While many have been extolling the virtues of Lapid, he's simply a popular media personality who lacks the intellectual depth, and moral/ethical foundations required to be a serious leader in Israel, let alone Prime Minister.


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