The Best Laid Plans of Mice, Men, and Me...

My plan for today was to go to work, and post a new post when I got home, then go to the classical mandolin concert (playing with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra) at the JCC, for which my D. H. bought tickets on Monday.
Instead, I am in the ER waiting to be transported to my room in the Hospital, where I will be sojourning for 3-5 days, over Shabbat. The reason being, after being in excruciating pain yesterday and slightly less-so today, I decided to check it out.  I have a pulmonary embolism in my left lung, probably 'flung up' (the doctor's words) from my leg through my heart until it found a place to rest in my lung. I've already had X Rays, a CT scan and an Ultra Sound.  My attending ER doc was kind enough to hustle me a laptop before they whisk me up to my room  So although I signed up for NaBloPoMo, this may be the only post you get for a few days (you're probably jumping for joy--no extra emails to delete).

You know what they say: Man Plans and G-d Laughs.  If I can't post until I get out, just have patience--I'll annoy you as soon as I can...
Shabbat shalom


Batya said…
רפואה שלימה
Refuah Shleimah my dear friend!!!!

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