Shabbat is Gonna Be Different

I have ordered all my meals for Shabbat, this morning, from the only kosher retaurant/catering/deli in town.  Had my "airline food" breakfast of rubbery omelette (yum) with potatoes, o.j. and coffee, and a chef salad from the Deli for lunch.
Will be getting my hot food a little after 4 pm, or just before 'candle-lighting.' I use that term loosely, as when I asked if I could light candles in my room (tongue in cheek: wanted to see their reaction) while hooked up to oxygen (not to mention IV drip and heart telemetry monitor), they said, uh, no.
So my D.H. is lighting for me at home, and I will be doing the following activities on Shabbat, not in any definite order (bli neder):
1) davening (D.H. brought my siddur and a chumash)
2) Making kiddush (grape juice today. I'm a good girl)
3) Making hamotzi and eating roast chicken, couscous and vegie.  And oh, also chicken soup with matzah ball--if they got my order right.
4) Daven, and
5) Read, read, read. 
6) Sleep
7) Read
8) Get poked and prodded by the entire staff here.  Already hooked up to everything under the sun, inclduing heart telemetry monitoring, oxyen, IV drip of various and sundry meds (Heparin etc.)
9) Sleep

Well, that's my update.  Talk to you after Shabbat--
Shabbat shalom!


Batya said…
G-d willing refuah shleimah
At least you don't have to wash the dishes.

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