Returning to Self-Discipline in the New Year

As I mentioned in my last post, Not one single entry did I publish during the month of December, although the previous post was started on December 24th, the day we returned from our Florida trip (I guess that counts for something, right?).

 I am changing this laziness on my part, at least, for the month of January, in the year 2013.  2013.  It's so strange to type this number; it took me many months to finally realize it was 2012, and to write down the correct year when I wrote the date.  Now, all of a sudden, it seems--I have to get used to a different number!  Wasn't it just yesterday...? (Actually, it was!).

"New Year's" is a secular event, for me--although I did go to a friend's New Year's Eve party.  I use the term "party" loosely, because it was a non-raucous get-together of old friends and acquaintances, at the home of a dear friend.  There was some music (I don't even remember what genre ) playing in the background, and delicious milchig* food, buffet style, consisting of fondue, four of 'em--haven't had that since we were married and got a fondue pot from someone as a wedding present, now long gone--and vegies and bread to dip in, skewers of olives, cheese and pickles, other dips such as salsas, bean dips, and salad.  I'm sure I left something out.  The dessert table consisted of a chocolate fountain, three tiers of luscious, dripping chocolate, to dip strawberries and marshmallows in.  And don't forget the champagne--we brought a bottle of Jeunesse Cabernet Sauvignon, dutifully following my friend and host's suggestion that we bring a wine that I like.  And I had none of it.  Instead, I had three glasses of champagne--before midnight!

Alas, we did not see the "ball drop," as they do not have a television in their living room (and I wasn't going to go downstairs into the basement or upstairs into the bedroom to find one), but counted down the minutes and made noise with our noisemakers at "The Moment," or close enough to it, as our watches were not coordinated and calibrated to the exact minute (!)

But it was nice to be with our friends, and talk, and catch up.  And the food was wonderful.  Back to changing the laziness: I will blog every day (bli neder...have to say that) to make up for December, and not eat delicious melted cheese mixed with wine nor have chocolate-dripping strawberries ever again.  For now.  Because I want to lose weight.  Again.  And here, for your viewing pleasure, is a nice video of The Ball Dropping on Times Square in New York, last night.  Happy New Year.

*milchig: dairy


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