Kvelling with Pride

Not continuing yesterday's post yet, because a short time ago my daughter posted photos of herself speaking at the Federation event in San Diego.  Remember, the JDC (who funds Federations) paid for her trip to the States to speak at their Board in New York to be an advocate for disability awareness and accessibility.  When I saw these pictures, I knew I had to share them with my readers.

Her long, three-month trip to the States is drawing to a close. Thank G-d, she was with us here at home for the entire month of November, and then on and off with us in Florida for our family Bar-Mitzvah.  Where did the time go? 

She returns to Israel this week, back to her little Tel-Aviv apartment, hopefully not waterlogged from last week's storm.  Back to fighting for good health care, for doctors willing to help her and give her new therapies, for her Kupah  (HMO) to pay for those therapies, for her lawsuit to finally be settled (who knows how long it will take), for Bituach Leumi (National Insurance) to continue her disability payments so she can live as independently as possible.  And for a cure to his horrible, not-understood condition called RSD/CRPS.

Meanwhile, G-d willing, Rambo will make her mark in this world, and change the lives of disabled people everywhere for the better--doing true Tikkun Olam.

       The opening speech (she was not the keynote speaker, but received a standing ovation)


                                                    With VIPS at the Federation event


Anonymous said…
Hi. I'm 19 years old. Jewish New yorker. I have RSD after a hamstring injury that never went away. I'm still waiting to see more specialists to get treatment. I'm so sorry your daughter goes through this! I'm just in the beginning and absolutely terrified of my future. I'm losing so much faith in Hashem but your daughter is so strong! Have you guys tried biofeedback, calmare therapy, hyperbolic oxygen therapy(risky thou)?I haven't tried those but some people I've spoken to with RSD told me it helps them. Have you seen a Rabbi too? I really hope there is a cure for this illness. I'm so devastated at the loss of life I feel.
Lady-Light said…
Anon: Thank you so much for reading my post and commenting. With your permission, I will copy and send your comment to my daughter, who has deeply researched this horrible condition.

Have you read her blog? It's about her battle with RSD, here. Perhaps it will help you cope, and I pray you find a therapy which brings you into remission.

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