Don't Feel Like Posting

Well Shabbat didn't turn out the way I thought.  The post below is so cheery and airy. I don't feel like that now.  Friday night was a bad one, I reacted badly to Dilaudid (narcotic analgesic for my pain), and was nauseous and vomiting the rest of the night.  Was awake much of the night because of this, and so slept most of the day Shabbat.

I have DVT, or Deep Vein Thrombosis--which turned into a pulmonary embolism.  

The doctor deemed me 'stable' (little do they know) enough to discharge me last night.  Could have posted, but didn't even think of it.

Truth is, didn't do anything today, just stayed in bed long enough until I had to give myself the Enoxaparin injection.  I will have to do this twice daily, every 12 hours, as close to the exact time as possible.  In addition I am taking Coumadin once a day.  Until the Coumadin becomes therapeutic I need those supplementary injections. I gave myself the first one Saturday night at the hospital, under supervision, to learn how to do it.

I am limited in what I can eat, having to regulate my intake of vitamin K rich foods--everything that I like that is 'good' for me--not any more.

It's after 6; have to take the next Coumadin. At 7:20 or so, the next injection.  Have a good night.


Batya said…
Refuah shleimah my dear friend. I'm sorry I can't visit.
Blog about the food restrictions for KCC. Living with food restrictions as pikuach nefesh is very important.
Keep your sense of humor. I wish I could bring you a large bowl or pot of soup.
Lady-Light said…
Batya: Mmmmm...soup...(just had some mushroom barley soup tonight which my DH made yesterday).
I didn't think KCC would be interested in food restrictions, even as pikuach nefesh, but, hey, maybe...
p.s. your kindness warms my heart, Batya. Thank you.

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