The Beginning of the End...Or...

It is almost the end of November and I haven't written since November 1st.  My daughter, known to some as Rambo, after having been stranded by Hurricane Sandy in New York at her cousin's place which lost power (despite the fact that they were beyond the evacuation zones and the danger zones: beyond Zone C), was finally able to get a flight, 4 days later (-as her flight had been cancelled like so many others) and has been here, at her parents' home, for 2 weeks now.

We have been so busy and my schedule has turned upside down, running to doctors, ER, pharmacy, taking her to events where she is speaking to and meeting people important to her cause, the promotion of awareness of and research into RSD/CRPS, in addition to having friends over for Shabbat meals and friends and acquaintences dropping in to visit; and as a result my going to bed late, I have not had the energy nor time to write.

Operation Pillar of Defense has changed this.  It is enough--enough of rockets raining down on Israelis, enough of civilians being targeted, enough--DAYENU.  I hope G-d is aware of Amud Ha'Anan, and will act accordingly, in our lifetimes to solve the Arab hatred of and violence towards Israel.  I am sharing with you two videos, the first describing a typical school day in the southern Israeli town of S'derot, the second tells you the whole Middle East story, in a nutshell.

May G-d obliterate all who wish to harm the State of Israel and the Jewish People...and may there be true peace in the Middle East from then to eternity.


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