My Daughter is Finally Here...

I began writing this on November 4th, but it became a draft which I never finished.  My daughter has been here already since November 1st, and she's 'hit the ground running'- figuratively speaking, of course.  More like she's hit the ground rolling, in her wheelchair--going from speaking engagement to VIP receptions to meeting with her former Junior High School principal to talk about old times and set up a day to speak to the students, to doctors, to 3 MRIs and one CT scan in the ER.  In between that we've had dozens of friends for Shabbat meals, people coming in and out visiting and a friend, colleague and professional masseuse giving her two massages already (on her back, not her legs) and hopefully one or two more before we leave for our grandson's bar mitzvah in Florida.  I am posting this because I wanted you to see what a disabled person might have to go through, in a situation where there is no ADA--Americans with Disabilities Act.

After a flight from Israel which was the most uncomfortable of any flight she had ever flown, in no small part due to the lack of empathy and lack of common courtesy to accommodate a disabled person on the part of the El Al flight attendants, my daughter, nicknamed Rambo some time ago by her colleagues in her combat unit in the IDF, is finally here, at her parents' home. 
That short paragraph is as far as I got.  She had such a terrible flight from Israel that she was considering filing a complaint with El Al.  One of the main reasons that she is here is to increase awareness of RSD/CRPS and disabilities in general, and hopefully to change the attitudes and the physical situation for disabled persons in Israel.  She has already spoken in New York, and is scheduled to speak in San Diego in a couple of months, and possibly other venues as well.

Hopefully, she will succeed in her mission.


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