The Camera Can Lie: CNN's Doctored Photos of Rachel Corrie?

After writing on how awful I felt about the Rachel Corrie event so many years ago, and how no good has come from it on any side: her family bereft, the Arabs still terrorizing, and Israel still being vilified--I came across this, stating that CNN's photos of Rachel Corrie before and after being run over by a bulldozer might have been manipulated.  As has happened in so many previous so-called "news reports" on incidents in Israel, one cannot assume that they and their accompanying photographs, are TRUTH.

Much has been written about how the Rachel Corrie case was handled in the courtroom. Yet all the while, a more subtle judgment has been taking place in the court of public opinion.
So while the Israeli court ruled that Corrie’s 2003 death was an accident – given that the bulldozer driver was unable to detect Corrie’s presence – that ruling did not stop CNN from promoting the canard that Corrie was “intentionally murdered.”
In describing the verdict, a CNN video report depicted Corrie standing in plain view of an Israeli bulldozer, with a megaphone in hand, as CNN reporter Frederik Pleitgen intoned: “These photos show the moments before she was killed.”
(photo credit: International Solidarity Movement)
If Corrie was indeed standing with a megaphone and fully visible at the moment she was crushed, it is difficult to believe that the Israeli driver failed to see her.
The CNN report is a lie.
Read the news.  Then research it.  Doubt any photos you see in the media relating to Israel vis a vis its "neighbors" out to destroy it.  Check them out on sites such as Honest Reporting and Camera.  Then, come to your conclusion as to whether it is the truth, or a lie.


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