No More Terrorists; Only "Peace Activists"...

I was tempted to write when I had read that an Israeli court had exonerated the army and bulldozer driver from responsibility in Rachel Corrie's tragic death in 2003.  But I didn't.  It was too troubling to me. Then just last week I read a little more, especially about the ISM (hat tip Daled Amos), and decided that I had to express how I view this awful event.

I see this from several sides, from the Israeli side, who were within their right, destroying houses of terrorists and/or terrorist supporters and who had warned those ISM members (including Rachel Corrie) who were protesting the demolition that they were not supposed to be in what was a closed military zone and were taking great personal risk to be there. Although I absolutely disagree with what she was doing and her support of the Israeli-hating Arabs, I understand why a misguided, naive young girl of 23 could be duped into such activism: in her mind, she supported the poor, oppressed Palestinians who lived under the cruel Israeli occupation.  She considered herself, and was considered by those who do not understand the true situation, a "peace activist," even as the ISM has condoned violent acts in their statements.

In essence, along with other ISM activists, Rachel Corrie acted to protect terrorists. Israel, trying to exist in a region surrounded by enemies out for her destruction, was doing just that--trying to continue to exist.  Evil is good, and Good is evil; the world has turned upside-down.

In yet another view, I can't help myself, but I am a parent of grown children, one of whom is 23, the age Rachel Corrie was when she died.  I also see this terrible event from the side of the parents, who are now bereft of one daughter.  To them, this is a terrible tragedy.  I can't help putting myself in their place, feeling what they feel.

Now, what good has come out of this?

The Palestinians still teach terrorism to their children, harbor terrorists and call for the destruction of the only Jewish State in the world; and now a mother and father are grieving for a child who is gone forever, in the beginning of her young adulthood.  In my first paragraph, I called her death a "tragic" one.  It is tragic, because a young life was snuffed out due to a lack of understanding of peoples and history.

No good at all.


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