Israel Does Good: And the World Ignores It

It happens over, and over again.  The world condemns Israel--for something, anything--settlements, a border crossing checkpoint--whatever.  And says nothing about what the Arabs are doing, either to themselves, such as so-called "honor" killings, or as in Syria, the regime murdering its citizens, nor does the world care what Arabs do to Israeli citizens, by shooting rockets and missiles at schools or throwing rocks--a lethal weapon--at civilians in cars.

Did the world say much about Israel sending aid to Haiti after its devastating earthquake?  A couple of initial reports--then, silence.  It's not 'cool' to say something positive about Israel.  Quite the opposite.

Here is an example of that hated little country, which does so much good for others, even for their enemies who are sworn to annihilate them. This video shows how Israeli medical personnel are helping a Palestinian child with severe leukemia, realize a dream.

Bottom line: Israel brings Good to the world.  And the world should acknowledge it.

Hat tip Daled Amos.


Batya said…
true, sadly true

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