Arabs' Success: in Their Own Hands

I've written time and time again on this blog about the Arab, so-called "Palestinian" culture and mentality, and how they are focused on hatred of the Jews and Israel, on whom they blame all their troubles. From early on, young 'Palestinian' children are indoctrinated to hate Israel and to grow up to be "martyrs" and do "jihad."  Mitt Romney, on his visit to Israel, stated something similar when he remarked that Israel's economic success was due to its culture.  If the Arabs focused on bettering their lives, on extending rights to their women, on building infrastructure and creating jobs--not as they did in Gaza when they were handed functioning greenhouses on a silver platter by the Israelis when they withdrew, and trashed them--their economic situation would improve greatly.
In addition to blaming all their problems on The Other : Israel, thus removing the responsibility from their own corrupt leadership, they are also an authoritarian, fundamentalist society where one is not allowed to question  the rulers .  As Lee Smith states in his article, Palestinians in the diaspora are thriving, so what exactly is preventing their success in the West Bank and Gaza?

What’s holding back Palestinian society? In the wake of Mitt Romney’s speech last week in Jerusalem, in which he posited that it is Palestinians’ own culture that has kept them from enjoying economic success akin to Israel’s, a debate has raged over whether or not his diagnosis was fair.
Romney based his argument in part on the book The Wealth and Poverty of Nations, by economist David Landes, whose son, historian Richard Landes, added his support to Romney’s claims earlier this week. Compared to the culture of self-criticism and innovation found in Western countries, including Israel, Arab societies, like that of the Palestinians, “emphasize rote learning and unquestioning respect for those in authority,” wrote Landes. “Powerful actors acquire wealth by taking, rather than making.”
Meantime, others, including Saeb Erekat, a senior aide to PA President Mahmoud Abbas, countered that the Israeli occupation is to blame for the stunted Palestinian economy. The chairman of the Palestine Development and Investment Company, Munib R. Masri, agreed with Erekat. “As one of the most successful businessmen and industrialists in Palestine today,” wrote Masri, “I can tell Mr. Romney without doubt or hesitation that our economy has two arms and one foot tied behind us not by culture but by occupation.”
Erekat and Masri are correct—so long as the word occupation is understood in a fuller context. Instead of building a bustling economy, the Palestinians have devoted their energies to waging war against Israel for more than 60 years. The absence of a Palestinian state is proof that this war has been unsuccessful, wasting almost three generations of Palestinian talent.
They are successful overseas because they are free to pursue their own futures in their own manner.  They are free to educate themselves in any profession they choose, and can focus on improving their lives: they can focus on life, rather than death.  A culture which focuses on indoctrinating children to be suicide bombers when they grow up is not ready for a state.  

Jewish religion and culture have always focused on life, learning and pursuing success.That is the simple reason why Israel has succeeded where their enemies have failed.  Until the 'Palestinians' change their attitudes and way of life, there is, and will be, no "Two State Solution."  And the world needs to face that fact.


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