On Tisha b'Av, a Reiteration of the Truth

The Jewish people have sovereignty over the State of Israel which comprises at least part of the original Land of Israel.  We have sovereignty over Jerusalem, although our great president Obama
doesn't recognize it--even though he stated in his presidential campaign in 2008 that it is the "undivided capital of Israel."  Israel is the only sovereign state without a capital city. Unheard of.  Disgusting.  The World should be ashamed.  We should be ashamed, for blowing our opportunity in 1967 to annex all the "territories" and also Har HaBayit--the Temple Mount.

Instead, Moshe Dayan gave the 'key' of the Temple Mount to the Waqf.

Instead, we still mourn on Tisha b'Av, wail, and fast.  It's ridiculous.  We had the opportunity.  G-d gave us the opening, but in our stupidity we didn't recognize the SIGNS.  The Temple, our Beit haMikdash, should have  been in the rebuilding stages already.  Moshe Feiglin stated that he was going up to the Temple Mount today.  Everyone in Israel who is able to, should do this.  People should be bringing children, entire families should go.  We should show the world that this area, this Holy spot from thousands of years ago, is ours.

 Instead, we cry.  We say kinot (lamentations), and we fast.   I'm sick of it.  The videos below express part of what I feel. On the right-hand side bar on this blog, there is a video of Rabbi Meir Kahane's "Open Letter to the World."

That video is a true expression of my sentiments.  Scroll right down and watch it. Better yet, you don't even have to lift a finger to scroll down to search for it.  I'm reposting it below.  It's the last one of the three.  Have a nice day.


Batya said…
Obama isn't my president, thank G-d.
Anonymous said…
You can't rebuild if you're not here to rebuild it! That was my message to you're Glenn Beck blog. Instead diaspora Jews sit around and continue to rebuild on land that wasn't given to them. This is the spiritual source of the entire Israel-Arab conflict. Jews are out in the world building on land that Hashem didn't give us, while others try to take the G-d-given land away from us and build on it. It's mida kenegid mida.

The response I e-mailed you is below.

Let me be the first to say that Jews of the Diasporah have a hole in their soul. What are they filling it with?

What is the hole, where did it come from?

The hole is actually in the shape of Eretz Yisrael left from not filling it with the "complete" desire for HaKadosh Baruch Hu and his mitzvot, to include the mitzvah to live inn Eretz Yisrael. The complete desire is unconditional. Diasporah Jews must let go of their "pre-conditions" and take upon themselves the urgent need to make aliyah.

It saddens me to see Jews who look at the 70 nations as if it is their home, to take upon the attitudes of goyim, such as Glenn Beck. Beck is 100% correct, but Jews need to realize that his messages are aimed at a wide audience and those who take up his "standard" become further assimilated in "Goyisha Meshugas". These attitudes replace the desire to live in Eretz Yisrael and pre-suppose that a 3rd Beit HaMigdash will not be built or is not required.

Please, I pray, take a look at how taking upon the message of Glenn Beck postpones the mashiach and the rebuilding of the Beit HaMigdash.

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