Obama a Disaster for U.S./Israel Relations

Obama's not recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is right in line with the rest of his attitude and policies towards the only Jewish State.  Naomi Ragen is spot on with her article, Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me.  I didn't vote for him the first time around.  And I won't vote for him the second.
Here is an excerpt.  Click on the link above to read the entire article.

Obama has managed to do so much harm while taking more vacations and playing more golf than any other president in US history.
I have never felt more challenged than I did four years ago when I did my best to enlighten my American list-members to some of the dangers of hopping on presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama’s bandwagon. But nothing swayed his Jewish supporters: not the fact that he had radical left-wing political mentors, nor his Islamic heritage and education, nor even his close 20-year relationship with the virulently anti-Semitic Reverend Jeremiah Wright. They weren’t even worried about his anti-Israel advisers, like Zbigniew Brzezinski, Simon Malley and Samantha Power, who once suggested the US invade Israel.
In fact, the response of my staunchly pro-Israel list to these revelations astounded me: “As a Jew, I am offended by what you have written about Barack Obama… You are tedious and unwelcome in the lives of Americans who are hopeful for the change that is due us,” wrote Susan.
“We wish no harm to our homeland, but we live in another country,” wrote Judi. “We too have issues of importance. I cannot believe for a moment that Senator Obama would place Israel in a position of harm.”
“This is my home first, and if I don’t protect my back yard I will lose my ability to further support Israel. You need to do a reality check,” wrote Robert.
“Obama knows how important Israel is and will most likely be more a champion to Israel than McCain,” wrote Samuel. Over a thousand of my American list-members wrote nothing at all, simply unsubscribing to my list in silent protest to my anti- Obama stance.
I tried to understand them. During his campaign, Obama promised an “unshakeable commitment to Israel’s security” and “support for secure, recognized, defensible borders.” “Israel’s security,” he told numerous Jewish groups, “is sacrosanct.”
Unlike some of my Jewish list members, Hamas spokesman Ahmed Yousef wasn’t convinced: “If Obama wins the election… I do believe he will change the American foreign policy in the way they are handling the Middle East,” he told WABC radio host John Batchelor and World Net Daily’s Aaron Klein. It turns out that he was right and the Jews who voted for him were wrong.
Obama is hoping that this time around his Jewish voters won’t remember that.
“If during the political season you hear some question of my administration’s support for Israel, remember, it’s not backed up by the facts,” Obama, as president, told the 71st General Assembly of the Union of Reform Judaism on December 16, 2011.
Really? Well, let’s review the facts, especially given the short memories of most voters.
Obama began his administration by reaching out to Muslims, giving his first formal interview to Al-Arabiya. Next, he bowed deeply to the King of Saudi Arabia and visited Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, skipping Israel. He used fulfilling his promise of giving his first foreign policy address in an Arab capital to distance America from Israel: “The US does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements.
It is time for these settlements to stop,” he told cheering crowds in Cairo. But worse was still to come. “The aspiration for a Jewish homeland is rooted in a tragic history that cannot be denied. It is also undeniable that the Palestinian people, Muslims and Christians, have suffered.”
By adopting the rhetoric of Arab anti-Semites that the desire of the Jews to live in their homeland started with the Holocaust and has no other roots, Obama, in the words of Charles Krauthammer, “In three minutes… did more to delegitimize the existence of Israel than any president in American history.”
Worse, comparing what the Jews suffered in the Holocaust to the treatment of Palestinians under Israeli rule was downright despicable. Or “outrageous and embarrassing,” according to Oklahoma’s Senator James Inhofe.
Obama followed up with an incessant campaign questioning Israel’s desire for peace. We, who lived through two intifadas, who saw our families and friends and neighbors blown to bits to satisfy the world’s desire to see Israel “make sacrifices” for a fake peace, were horrified. Obama lectured Israeli leaders that they “must engage in serious self-reflection on their commitment to peace.”
The absolute gall!


Anonymous said…
One thing missing in your eqation is, that McCain was a bad choice for republicans, a vietnam vet had never and will never be a president of the US

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