True Strength

An Israeli young lady, disabled from age 24, wins the gold medal in a rowing competition for the disabled in Italy.  Unbelievable, but they forgot (!) to bring the CD with the Israeli national anthem, Hatikvah.  So Moran Samuel took the microphone, and sang it herself.  Solo.  Watch and listen to what she says about having a disability.

Can you imagine a country, hosting a sports competition, 'forgetting' to bring a participant country's national anthem?  Can you imagine them forgetting a different country's national anthem CD, say, the United States'? Or maybe even Saudi Arabia's? Now, I don't know whether or not Saudi Arabia participated--oh wait, they couldn't have; at the very least, they couldn't have sent a woman; women probably aren't allowed to row in Saudi Arabia, I mean, they're not allowed to drive, so...?

So the competition organizers didn't think that Israel stood a chance to win (let alone the gold medal)? Well, think again.  Kol haKavod to Moran, and to Israel!


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