The Marriage was CATastrophic

I love cats.  My immune system doesn't, but I do.  When I was a child I had a strange fascination with the felines, often visiting our strange neighbor 'cat ladies' just to be with their multiple animals (one living near us had 17 in her little apartment in New York).  Then, waaaaay later, as an adult, I suddenly developed adult-onset-cat-allergy.  Just like that.  All I had done was visit a neighbor with 2 dogs and 7 cats.  And that's it--that's all it took.  Started constricting and had to leave, fast.  Ran home, turned on AC, lay on my bed, and tried to breathe.

This guy should have seen it coming; from The Times of Israel:

Purrfect grounds

Couple splits over 550 house cats

Wife was willing to lose husband, but not her pets

May 23, 2012, 1:44 pm 
Cats (illustrative photo credit: Rachael Cerrotti/Flash90)
Cats (illustrative photo credit: Rachael Cerrotti/Flash90)
man from southern Israel divorced his wife this week because she had brought 550 cats into their home.
The husband, apparently not a cat lover, told the Rabbinical Court in Beersheba that he was unable to sleep in his bedroom because the surface of the marital bed was constantly covered with cats who refused to lie on the floor.
The man, in his divorce request, complained that the cats also blocked his access to the bathroom and did not allow him to prepare meals in the kitchen, the Hebrew daily Maariv reported Wednesday. When he sat to eat, cats jumped onto the table and stole his food.
The couple attempted reconciliation at the behest of the rabbinical court. The wife, however, was unable to part from her cats… and preferred to part from her husband.


Anonymous said…
The guy should have gotten some dogs and trained them to "get the cat!"

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