Women Giving Birth After 45 Live Longer, Israeli Study Shows

Another Israeli contribution to science knowledge which could possibly aid mankind: a study was done by researchers in Israel which concluded that women who give birth after age 45 have a longer longevity than those who don't (photo below is of a typical Chassidic family).

Women who give birth after 45 live longer than other women, Israeli researchers have found.
Researchers at Hadassah University Hospital, Ein Karem, found that at least four genes unique to women who conceive naturally after 45 generate an anti-aging effect on those women. The findings were the result of a genetic study of ultra-Orthodox Ashkenazi women from Mea She'arim who have at least six children.

"These findings are unique to Israel, and the group of women who give birth at a late age and carry the singular genes could explain the findings," said Neri Laufer, the chairman of Hadassah's obstetrics and gynecology department, who had a leading role in the study.
The DNA findings, which were recently reported at a Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society conference, could be the first step toward groundbreaking treatment that could help "rejuvenate the body" of women and men, said Laufer.
 Darn.  I had my last one at 42.  Read the full article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz by clicking on the link above.


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