I'm Converted.

Did I ever mention that I HATE converting back to chametz after Pesach? About as much as I hate "making Pesach."  I just LOVE Pesach--that's the problem (!) There's gotta be a better way to do it (...yeah, like a whole separate Pesachdige kitchen in my mansion; but I didn't win Mega Millions this time).

We just about finished converting back, and we started at 12:00 noon our time (it's now, as I'm sitting to write this, 5:22 p.m.!). Here's sort of how I feel sometimes (NOT).
Pesach is generally not an easy holiday. There are many customs and traditions to browse up on. In the kitchen the scene is generally one of mayhem and effort. Many traditional dishes are prepared and many guests are invited. To many housewives, Passover is a time of spring cleaning, hard work, and toil.

There is a famous story about a couple that many years ago decided for social mobility to convert to Christianity. After many years, the husband remarked to the wife that in reality all of the expected social amenities that they expected were never realized. Although they were admitted to the ritzy country club, they never felt comfortable with their new found friends. Going to church was a very unpleasant experience and in general their expectations of being gentiles did not bear the fruits that they envisioned.
"You know," the husband remarked, "I'd like to convert back to Judaism"
"Me too, I also feel that being a goy isn't the real me" replied his wife.
"O.K., I'll call the Rabbi, maybe we can convert back this week," the husband suggested.
"You know, let's wait until next month. Passover is coming next week. You remember how hard Passover is. We can convert back after Passover finishes!"

So for Pesach, after our kitchen and house looked something like this:

And while converting back to chametz it looked like this (I think I'm gonna gag)

But in only five (that's 5) hours, we got it done!  Now, it looks like this.

Yeah, right.  In my dreams.  And to top that off, I don't like my Omer counter widget; it shows the next day before I'm supposed to count it; it should show today's count, and change tonight.  So I'm putting out a question to John Q. Public Blogger: does anyone out there know of or have a better omer counter widget for blogs?

Ok, I'll come clean (pun unintended. really).  It's not completely done, but this is what my kitchen really looks like now.

Could be worse, I guess.  Will shoot another pic after everything is put away, including the broom, ladder, paper towels, etc. and the foil is taken off the top of the cabinets (used to hide the chametzsdike fish pot, trays, and wok ).    Shavua tov.                         


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