Art Therapy

I thought it's about time that I posted some of my daughter's artwork.  She started painting when she was advised to do art therapy while she was hospitalized at Re'ut in Tel-Aviv.  It developed into a passion for her, and now she paints almost every day, when she is able.  She loves painting 3-D paintings, that is, she builds a layer with putty or cardboard, and it gives the appearance of bas-relief, i.e., objects popping out of the flat background. 

This 2-dimensional display does not do her work justice, but hopefully you'll get an idea. Some of her favorite themes are taken from nature-sun, sea, and trees; music: musical notes, clefs, etc. (the two musical paintings here are a book of music, where she painted two pages of actual notes of Mozart's Jupiter Symphony, and the green and gold painting is part of a theme from one of her favorite musicals), and she is working on a triple canvas of the Kotel (the Western Wall) for the physician's assistant (they call her "Dr.") in the hospital, who became a very dear friend.  A photo of the artist is below them all.

Here is a sampling.


SuperRaizy said…
Beautiful! She really has talent!
Batya said…
very talented
She should exhibit and sell them.
Lady-Light said…
Thank you, SuperRaizy and Batya. I tried to tell her that, but she said she puts her soul into her paintings, and she can't part with them (at least, with most of the ones she's completed until now). Maybe she'll change her mind...
Anonymous said…
very cool !!!

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