Drawing to a Close...

We have been in Israel almost six weeks, and except for a day or two, been going at a frenetic pace, helping our daughter moving to her new apartment, filling it up with her STUFF, and food STUFF, and other STUFF.  I have never seen so much STUFF...well, not really--I have, at our house back in the Old Country.  Basically, before we move here, if we do--we have to get rid of most of our STUFF.  Israeli apartments are no match for tons and tons of American...STUFF.

In addition to the above, we have been taking our daughter to doctor visits and hospital visits and going to clinics and pharmacies, among other thing getting her prescriptions and medications.  We have met with her attorney.  I have seen on this trip more doctors, hospitals and attorneys all concentrated together in several weeks,  than I have in years.

To top all that, it is literally pouring  cats and dogs here in Tel-Aviv right now.  I daresay it's pouring across the entire country (and probably snowing a little in Efrat and on the Hermon).  Wonder why tourists don't visit so much in the winter?  Just guess.

 I packed almost all the right stuff: parka, sweater, socks, hiking shoes.  But I didn't have room for what I really need: my high winter BOOTS.  Boy, could I have used them here.  I also should have brought at least one bulky, ski-type pullover sweater, of which I have several.  Again, no room in the suitcases.  My D.H. brought his parka, which is rated to 20 below zero, Farenheit, which is -28.9 Celsius.  With the stone walls, poor insulation and no carpets to keep the heat, it sure feels like -28.9 Celsius.  But he didn't bring his parka's hood, not because he forgot it, but because he lost it months ago.  Not good (our son in Efrat lent him a hat while we were there yesterday).

Anyway, we will be spending our last Shabbat here at our daughter Rambo's  apartment. Her older sister Toodles has been here for two weeks, and Shabbat will be her last full day here; we're taking her to the airport motzash.  Rambo's brother, sister-in-law and their two small children are coming over (hopefully, depending on the weather) for both se'udot.  We plan to visit our other son in Efrat on Sunday and see his family again for the last time this trip.  Monday we will be returning to Tel-Aviv to our daughter, bringing her to Gedera to her brother's, and we'll all go out to dinner before we have to go to the airport.

I am beginning to feel the grief of leaving.  I don't know how much we accomplished on this trip.  I hope we helped somewhat.  It is wonderful to see our grandkids, and be with our kids.  After a week in New York, we will be returning to...no family.

At the very least, in a future post I will try to upload some photos of family and/or scenery that we took during this trip.  When we do get back, my D. H. and I will be sitting down to discuss some serious decisions about where we need to be for the rest of our lives...


Batya said…
What do you mean by "if" you move here? You are making aliyah!!!!

Refuah Shleimah to Rambo.

Some day, we'll f2f at your welcome home party, if not before.

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