Does Mr. Obama Think About His Kids When He Thinks About the Murdered Jewish Kids?

President Obama spoke in emotional terms about Trayvon Martin, the boy who was tragically killed by a citizen member of a neighborhood watch. He stated that there should be an investigation of "every aspect" of the incident, and expressed his views in very personal terms. From Fox News:
 “I can only imagine what these parents are going through and when I think about this boy I think about my own kids,” Mr. Obama said. He aimed his message at Mr. Martin's parents, saying, “If I had a son he'd look like Trayvon. I think they are right to expect that all of us as Americans take this with the seriousness that it deserves and we're going to get to the bottom of what happened.”
Does that mean that because the boy was black, the case should be investigated? This does not seem to have been a calculated, premeditated murder. Rather, it may have been a terrible accident.
Did the president express this kind of sympathy and concern for that other tragedy--the atrocity which just occurred in France, which was a cold-blooded murder of innocent young Jewish children? Can he "imagine what these parents are going through?" I didn't hear anything along those lines. They weren't black.  They were Jews.  As far as I am aware, he did not even express condolences to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, although the victims were Israeli citizens and were buried there.  Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich was also appalled at Obama's comments:
 “What the president said, in a sense, is disgraceful,” Gingrich said on Sean Hannity's radio show. “It’s not a question of who that young man looked like. Any young American of any ethnic background should be safe, period. We should all be horrified no matter what the ethnic background.
Obama seemed pretty angry about Israel  constructing 1600 new apartments on Jewish-owned land.  But was much milder in his response to the Fogel massacre in Itamar:
 The Obama administration issued a pro-forma condemnation. "There is no possible justification for the killing of parents and children in their home," it read. Secretary Clinton called the murders "inhuman" and reportedly coaxed a more robust denunciation of the atrocity from Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas than he had at first offered.
But there has been little else — no ongoing campaign to shame or humiliate the Palestinians, no list of actions they must undertake to show their good faith — not even a particularly strong expression of revulsion. Above all, the Obama administration has utterly disregarded the abundant evidence that the Palestinian Authority has, over the past 20 years, nurtured and cultivated genocidal hatred of Jews and the worship of violence. The men who slit the throats of the Fogel family may soon have a town square named for them. The PA recently named a square in the town of El-Bireh after Dalal Mughrabi, who killed 37 Israeli civilians and wounded 71 in 1978. Mughrabi was also featured among the "Women as Exemplars" on Palestinian television.
Well, we know now how Mr. Obama feels about Israel, and by extension, how much he doesn't care when Jewish children are targeted and murdered, for no reason other than that they are Jews. Just re-read my post two posts ago, and watch the video, here.

This attitude so disgusts me, I'm almost at the point where I'll vote for anyone, other than the incumbent.


Susan B said…
Yes, he does show sympathy and concern for the other tragedy, as quoted in JPost: "According to a French presidential statement, Obama called Sarkozy to offer 'personal condolences' on his behalf, and on behalf of US citizens.

"'France and the United States are more determined than ever to fight together against terrorist barbarism,' the statement said."

So yes, he cares about Jewish children, too. Next time, try a quick Google search before you accuse him of being silent on something.
Lady-Light said…
I am and was aware that Mr. Obama called President Sarkozy to offer condolences, and you are correct in that perhaps, I should have mentioned this in my post.

He had to offer condolences: it is what a head of state does. It is diplomatically correct. It would have been very poor form not to.

However, he mentioned nothing about the fact that Jews were targeted, and that that it was a heinous act reeking of antisemitism. Three of the victims were children, helpless to defend themselves. He should have been much more vehement in his condemnation.

Also, knowing three of the victims were Israeli citizens, he should have spoken out passionately against this atrocity, first,

1) to Prime Minister Netanyahu, and

2) to the Jewish people as a whole.

He did neither. Rather, he spoke in very general terms ("terrorist barbarism") and although he stated they were "personal condolences," his words seemed very impersonal, and Jews were pointedly not mentioned.

Very different from his statements about Trayvon Martin's death.
Batya said…
He's a black and identifies with them most naturally.

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