Phyllis Chesler Tells the Truth-Again

An Emerita professor of Psychology and Women's Studies at CUNY, Phyllis Chesler is an active feminist and has been extremely outspoken in her pro-Israel stance.  She has written often about the world's obsession with and accusations against Israel, calling it an apartheid state, railing against its 'occupation of Palesinian land' et al.

Here she does it again, calling attention to the U.N.'s totally ignoring the plight of Hindu refugees, and drawing a parallel between Jews and Hindus who have both been persecuted and driven out of their holy places throughout history.  In a speech she gave in Pune, India via Skype, she stated:

When one tries to talk about Islamic religious and gender apartheid or about Islamic terrorism, one is immediately demonized as an “Islamophobe” and a “racist.” One loses one's reputation as a “good” person. One also loses one's friends and employment possibilities.
This has just happened to one of India's true heroes, Dr. Subramanian Swamy at Harvard University. I have recently written about this and will say a few words about this travesty shortly. Today, a person may find herself on trial for committing the crime of “hate speech” by telling the truth about certain Islamic practices. This is happening all over Europe. One is censored. One begins to censor oneself. Cartoons that offend, criticism, however accurate, that offends…Muslim fundamentalists and their western supporters, are simply not published.
The speech, the illustration, is seen as the “provocation.” The violent response is overlooked. Let me be clear. Not all Muslims are terrorists. But today, most terrorists are Muslims. Many Muslims wish to live in peace, yearn for peace. And yet, they do not risk standing up to their Islamist leaders. Those who do are in prison or have already been tortured or murdered.
But let the facts be known. Eighty million Hindus were slaughtered by Muslims in only five centuries. Hindu Temples became mosques and masjids. Even today, Muslims are entering India illegally and carrying along with them both criminals and terrorists.
 The only "refugees" the U.N. cares about are the fictional Palestinian ones, whose leaders are living quite well, thank you, on UNRWA money.  The UNRWA doesn't care about the Hindu Kashmiris, or any others, because the U.N. is a "morally bankrupt" institution which, in her words (and I agree), should not be supported by the United States. 

Black is white and white is black.  The world is hurtling towards its end.


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