One Week Left...

I have been "sick" since Chanukah with my acute nasopharingitis or chronic rhinosinusitis or GERD or whatever the heck this is, having been diagnosed, re-diagnosed, and misdiagnosed by various and sundry doctors, forever!  That is why the word 'sick' is in quotes.  I still, after all these years with the same symptoms, have no idea what this is that I have.  I have had no fever, no muscle aches, and alternately feel weak, tired, and constantly coughing up...well, never mind. 
And I'm leaving for Israel in a week.  Just great.  Today I am feeling a bit better, but still coughing up, and losing my voice.  How to teach in that situation? No clue.  I do have a doctor appointment with my new (yes, another doctor) physician on Thursday, but that leaves very little time to get Rxs and rest up before flying.

We will be in Israel for six weeks, and probably most of the time we will be helping our daughter, Rambo, with moving to another apartment, if she's found one, visits to the hospital, etc.  We will be seeing our grandchildren (whom my D. H. has never seen) and spending time with our children.  There are friends, old friends from thirty years ago, whom we want to see, several up North, from Haifa to Ma'alot--but with our crazy schedule (we will also be going to the U.S. Embassy and Sochnut) I don't see how we can.  In other words, this is not a touristy 'fun trip.'

I am stressed out, which is probably contributing to my illness.  In addition, we have to plan for the end of the trip in New York, where we will be for my niece's wedding. Where to stay, what to do for Purim and se'udat Purim--and how to do all this without spending lots of $$$, which this trip is going to cost us, anyway.  Now, I really feel old.

Here's to wellness, energy, and family--unstressed!


Batya said…
my prayers are with you, and if I can help somehow from Holy Shiloh...
Anonymous said…
Shalom, Hope you are better now,sometimes is hard but dont discorage your self,i had same sick problem for years without to find a medicine to be cure, but to weeks hago a friend of my came from guatemala, she is a maturist Doctor and nutricionist,finally im cure. I was in Yisrael las december,Best time in my life, i live in Virginia USA and i will be in NY in two or three weeks, if i can help you in any way, please dont eritage to do it!! my name fabiola, Shalom!!
Anonymous said…
Hi this is Fabiola again, i forgot to mention to you, my friend from Guatemala is one of the best doctor in Guatemala, people from diferent parts of the world go to Guatemala for her, but she go frecuent to Mexico, and i know, she can do something for your dauther, she can come to USA to, she cure my husband grand mother from cancer in her liver. my friend study omeopaty when doctors told her is nothing can do for her sickness and she dont want to die, so her cases are that sirios, and she always remember when she was whitout hope, her name is Mayra Phral. Shalom
Jane K.Reddick said…
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