November through March: Personal Importance

This is the time of year when I ruminate about my kids, grandkids and birthdays: winter and Chanukah time are special for us, and here is why:

The months of November through March are of personal importance to me.  Our family birthdays are comcentrated in those months, children and grandchildren alike.  I'm a December baby (14th of the Hebrew month of Kislev), as is my sister.  Strangely, our first three children were born, respectively, in January, February and March.  The last two were back to January and December.

Our grandchildren by our eldest started in December (the oldest will be turning twelve this month), then January, then December again.  For years we had one married child, and three grandchildren.  Then one day, many snows hence, the next two younger  kids married and started their families.  The first grandchildren by my third born (who married in 2007) followed the pattern--guess we just love winter--except that this time it was, for both his kids (grandkids numbers four and five) a little earlier, in the month of November--and only a year apart.  Then, not to be outdone, our second-born starting catching up with his younger brother.  He married in 2008, and the month his daughter was born in was yotzei dofen.* (drumroll, please)...JUNE 2010!

I never had a summer baby, child nor grandchild, before this.  A whole different way of buying clothes for her: newborn size summer clothes.  I was so used to buying winter clothes, I didn't know what to do with myself. I mean, a frilly, thin little seersucker Shabbat dress? No way!  And then, before you knew it he (our second born.  Is this getting confusing?) hurried to catch up with his younger brother, again, and had number two, also a girl, just arrived in--you guessed it--November.  Back to the "I love winter" pattern of birthdays in the Lady-Light family.

...this is the season when I ruminate about my kids, grand-kids and birthdays.  And it's erev Shabbat, so I don't have much time to ruminate.  Gotta go--need to call my sister to wish her a Happy Birthday!

                                               (Now, she's got hair.  Shabbat Shalom)                                                 

*yotzei dofen: Hebrew for an exeception; not like the others; out of the ordinary


Batya said…
summer, spring, winter, fall
as long as it's a simcha

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